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Which collectors are enabled is controlled by the --collectors-enabled flag.

Enabled by default

All collectors are enabled by default. You can disable collectors by specifying the whole list of collectors through the --collectors-enabled flag.

Name Description
chassis Overall status of chassis components.
chassis_batteries Overall status of chassis CMOS batteries.
fans Overall status of system fans.
firmwares Information about some firmware versions (DRAC, BIOS)
memory System RAM DIMM status.
nics NICs connection status.
processors Overall status of CPUs.
ps Overall status of power supplies.
ps_amps_sysboard_pwr System board power usage.
storage_battery Status of storage controller backup batteries.
storage_controller Overall status of storage controllers.
storage_enclosure Overall status of storage enclosures.
storage_pdisk Overall status of physical disks + failure prediction (if available).
storage_vdisk Overall status of virtual disks.
system Overall status of system components.
temps Overall temperatures (in Celsius) and status of system temperature readings.
volts Overall volts and status of power supply volt readings.